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How Qenda Changed our MD’s Life

My Story

By James Cook Coulson – MD of Jacoco

At 21, I was diagnosed with the debilitating Autoimmune condition Crohn’s disease, along with Ulcerative Colitis.

After five years of suffering from this, I weighed just 57kg – under 9 stone. Doctors gave me the option of surgery to remove my small and large intestine. This drastic choice involving high doses of steroids and immune suppressants was balanced distressingly against a fifty-fifty chance of dying in the next year or less if I refused.

I took responsibility for my own health by reading book after book about the human body and mind. This lead me to try every natural protocol, supplement and diet available. But the symptoms only worsened.

“The results were amazing, on the second day for the first time in years I ate a real meal with fibrous foods such as vegetables, brown rice, fish and even pepper! Best of all it agreed with my body!”

James Cook Coulson – MD of Jacoco

Then a trip to Australia changed my life forever.

When initially presented with Qenda Ultimate Fibre I refused, thinking that it was just a gimmick. Another product promising the world with no results. It just seemed too simple and easy to work.

But my instincts were pushing me to look into this powdered herb blend a little more. I had the manufacturer’s number and was interested enough to get in touch.

I still remember that life changing phone call. The manufacturer broke down my disease and symptoms into bodily processes functioning incorrectly in a poor environment I had created for them. He assured me that the specific formulation of herbs that we now distribute was the way to heal myself, along with a good, clean organic diet.

The science of how it worked and the testimonials explaining how people had healed their illnesses was enough for me to try the product.

The results were amazing. On the second day, for the first time in years, I ate a real meal with fibrous foods such as vegetables, brown rice, fish and even pepper! Best of all, it agreed with my body! After a three-month cleanse, I now live a healthy, disease-free life. I can exercise, socialise, eat what I choose and really be myself.

I was so grateful and amazed, I felt I had to bring this amazing, life-changing product to Europe because until now it has been exclusive to Australia.

Now I have left my trade as an Electrical Engineer and invested everything into Jacoco Wellness. I have put all I have into my mission to bring Qenda’s Ultimate Fibre to the many people across Europe who can benefit from it and have been supplying it since November 2018. 

After a long journey, I see a bright future not just for me, but for the many customers who will benefit from this great prouct and for the resellers who can write their own success stories with it.

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